The Royal Palace of Falkland

The Royal Palace of Falkland

The Royal Palace of Falkland
, owes its existence to Kings James 

IV and James V of Scotland who transformed the original old castle that stood on this spot into one of the finest Renaissance palaces in Scotland, built between 1502 and 1541. Falkland Palace is famous for its beautiful gardens and for the Real Tennis court, built in 1539.

Set in the heart of the unique medieval village of Falkland, it is well worth allowing time during your visit to walk its streets.

The Royal Palace of Falkland was the popular country residence and hunting lodge of eight Stuart monarchs, including Mary, Queen of Scots. They practiced falconry at Falkland using the vast surrounding forests for hawking and for hunting deer.

In 1952 the National Trust for Scotland was appointed Deputy Keeper of Falkland Palace, 

and they now care for and maintain the Palace and its extensive gardens.

Falkland Palace has two wings arranged in an 'L' shape. The palace courtyard is entered through the gatehouse tower at the west end of the South range. The National Trust recreated the King and Queen's bedchambers within. The northern section of the East quarter was originally a lodging built by James IV. The chapel ceiling is from the time of James V and was re-decorated for the visit of Charles I in 1633.

On lower ground in the gardens, beyond slight 

remains of the medieval castle, lies the original real tennis court. Built for King James V of Scotland in 1539, it is the world's oldest tennis court that is still in use today, home to the Falkland Palace Royal Tennis Club.The court is larger than a lawn tennis court, and has four walls.

Falkland Palace Opening:- 1 Mar to 31 Oct, Mon to Sat 11-5pm. Sun 1-5pm. Gift Shop also open: Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. Just 20 miles from St Andrews.