Barbarafield Riding School

Barbarafield Riding School

Barbarafield Riding School caters for a wide range of people, from five year olds, who usually have their first go on Scoot, to a maximum weight of 15 stones for any rider .

The popular hacks cater for all levels of experiences, as the route chosen will be suitable for the riders capabilities. The routes go through the 300-plus acres of farmland and can be split into groups in the fields so as the experienced riders can get a canter round the field while the novices or beginners can take a short cut for a walk and a trot to catch up. 30 mins hack £12. 1hr hack £20. Hack with lessons - 30mins £12, 1hr £22.

For children - During the Easter, Summer and October school holidays, Fun Days and nights are organised for all standards of children to come up and spend the day with the ponies, doing a variety of activities, including turnout competitions, a one-hour ride, quiz and a treasure hunt.


For adults - There are trail rides which go out during the summer, Pub Rides all year round and Fun Nights during the summer. The Trail Ride is a three-hour trek that takes you up to Drumcarrow Hill, providing excellent views over to St Andrews. You ride along old farm tracks and rights of way. The trek is mainly walking and trotting with some cantering. Riders must be experienced and be seen out a one-hour hack before doing the Trail Ride. 2 hr expereinced ride £40.

The Pub Rides - last two hours and takes you into the next door village of Ceres where we visit Meldrums for a drink. There is also a chance for some liquid refreshment in the fields! It is a faster ride with more cantering, so riders must be experienced and again be seen out on a one- hour hack before booking a Pub Ride.