Ardross Farm Shop

Ardross Farm Shop - "Leading the way for farm shops in Scotland ..."

Faced with rising fuel costs and under huge pressure from supermarkets in 2005, Ardross Farm decided to open up a farm shop and sell directly to the public.

5 Years later in early 2011, Ardross Farm Shop has been awarded the 'Rising Star' Award by the FARMA (National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association). The FARMA Awards recognise excellence across the farm retail sector, not only in customer service and experience, but in business performance, staff management and training, marketing and PR, community and environmental investment, mixed of course with passion and commitment.

Watch a STV report about Ardross Farm Shop 2mins 56 secs (survive the obligatory advert st the start) it is well worth watching.

The 'Rising Star' Award citation states; 'Ardross Farm Shop is leading the way for farm shops in Scotland with a dedication to genuinely local foods and great service. 45 varieties of fresh vegetables are handpicked from the farm daily in season, each grown for flavour and to a range of sizes to suit customer requirements. Ardross' 21-day mature beef, own honey and cut flowers are also on offer, alongside meat from nearby farms, handmade ready meals, puddings, cheeses, preserves, alcohol and pates to name but a few. About a third of the products on offer come from the farm itself, and over 70% comes from Scotland. Ardross Farm Shop is all about investing in the future, not only consolidating the family business, but committing to the local community and environment. The farm plays host to a number of local groups and schools, whilst on the farm much is invested in the soil, chemicals kept to a minimum and wildlife encouraged'

Ardross Farm Shop grows over forty varieties of seasonal vegetables picked by hand, fresh for the shop every morning. All of the beef is from their own herd, which has been matured on the bone for three weeks in the traditional manner before butchering and packaging into a range of choice cuts, sausages, roasts, mince and burgers.

The Ardross Farm Shop is a family run business providing everything from their own traditionally reared beef, free range poultry, rare breed pork, organic lamb/mutton, fantastic venison, game, handmade ice cream and sorbet, a large array of puddings, freshly picked vegetables, luxury jams, British wines.

Shop Weekly Box Scheme from the Ardross Farm Shop
Each week we will offer the best deal of products in the store, we will select an ever changing, seasonal box of produce that offers the very best value.

Full Menu Box scheme directly fromthe Ardross Farm Shop

£30 - Containing a variety of meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, eggs, flour, jars etc
Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables. In 2011 - £15 gives you a box bursting with fresh local produce.

Ardross Farm Shop is open:-
Monday to Saturday 9am-5.30pm and on Sundays 9am to 4pm.  (In the Winter Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm).