Trains to and from St Andrews – Leuchars Railway Station

St Andrews Trains.

St Andrews Train Station.

The train station for St Andrews is at Leuchars, which is on the main London King's Cross via Edinburgh or Aberdeen line. Leuchars Railway Station is aproximately 5 miles from St Andrews - you then have to get a taxi or bus to St Andrews. Buses are 2 or 3 per hour between 9am and 6pm, less frequently at other times, check the bus time table.

Leuchars railway station - is managed by Scotrail, the Scottish National Train Franchise. It has a 155 space 24 hour car park. There is a Taxi rank, with taxis meeting the main trains. There are 6 cycle racks and 8 storage lockers.

Transfer from train to bus for St Andrews at Leuchars railway Station is easy with choice of steps over footbridge or a ramp avoiding steps. The bus station at St Andrews has electronic departure boards showing both bus info and train info from Leuchars.

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St Andrews Train Tickets

BEFORE buying your long distance train tickets please read the info below about Rail fares in Britain:-

Edinburgh to St Andrews by train takes between 1hour 15 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you are going to and from Edinburgh airport allow time to get to or from the airport to the railway station. As this is a short train journey or 'short route' buying tickets in advance has no cost benefits, other than you knowing you have a ticket and are booked on the train. It is sometimes worth trying for a price for a fare to station further up the line, as these tickets can be cheaper - you just get off at Leuchars.

You can buy a combined rail and bus ticket for St Andrews, it might save a bit of hassle. N.B. Remember to type in "Leuchars" as the train station, when buying your ticket on line.

 To buy your train ticket to or from St Andrews via ScotRailN.B.Remember to type in "Leuchars" as the train station, when buying your ticket on line.

To buy your train tickets via the National Rail enquiries for St AndrewsN.B. Remember to type in "Leuchars" as the train station, when buying your ticket on line.

Cheap Train Tickets:-

Cheap Train Tickets, a site that is worth looking at before you buy your ttain tickets to or from St Andrews. It is worth noting that buses are about half the price of train tickets.

Long distance Rail fares in Britain, (a word of advice):-

A word or two of advice before you buy - Rail fares in Britain are the most expensive in Europe for example a businessman who needs to go from London to Edinburgh can pay over £300 for the privilege. With a little bit of knowledge, he could do the same trip on the same train for just £25 return with an economy ticket. The problem is that there are 27 different rail companies that have replaced the single British Rail and they all have their own different fares there is no publication that shows all the fares, that gives you prices and the regulations to help you decide which is the best ticket for you.

There are massive savings to be made if you know which trains to book on. In between these fares there are many different rates. If, for example you were to travel to or from Glasgow you can save up to £100 by buying a business class ticket in advance which lets you sit in First Class. In Economy Class you can have a completely open ticket for £103 and this slides down a scale with various restrictions until you get to the £27 fixed return fare.

So when you decide to go by rail we suggest you ask lots of questions to make sure you are getting the best deal. Our advice is never book your ticket on the day, always book it as early as you can, generally the further you are away from your travel day the better the deal you will receive.

Trains from Edinburgh and Aberdeen to Leuchars, St Andrews.