British Golf Museum

British Golf Museum  - 'Home to Golf's History'

The British Golf Museum has the largest collection of golfing memorabilia in Europe covering over 500 years of golfing history, tracing the history of the game, both in Britain and abroad. It tells the story of British golf from the very earliest times, exploring the events, personalities and equipment used throughout the ages. Even if you are not a golfer you will find this fascinating.
>  Origins of Golf Gallery
> 18th century Golf Gallery
>  Early 19th century Golf Callery
>  Mid Victorian Golf Gallery
>  The Edwardian Art Gallery & 19th century Club Life Gallery
>  Unusual Clubs & The Open Championship 1892 - 1914
>  Inter-War Golf Gallery
>  The Modern Golf Gallery
>  Golf in the 21st century
>  The 18th Hole

You will encounter many famous professionals, amateurs of status, Kings and Queens and other curious golfing characters. You will learn about the evolution of golf equipment, marvel at the golf symbols on display.

Whether you are a golfer or a non golfer, you will find the British Golf Museum absolutely fascinating.

The British Golf Museum is open daily 10am to 4pm with the last entry to the museum 45 minutes before closing. Excellent group rates available upon request.