Crail Pottery

Crail Pottery near St Andrews

The only place in the whole world you can buy Crail Potter is here in Crail, the pottery is a very special place started and conitued to be run by the Grieve family. Crail Pottery produces a diverse range of stoneware, terracotta planters, raku and bright hand painted earthenware, every piece is hand thrown on the wheel in the pottery, decorated, glazed and fired in the pottery workshops.  

A short Crail Pottery video introduces you to some of the Grieve Family who have run the pottery for almost 50 years.

 About Crail Pottery - it is a true family business in every sense of the word, started back in 1965 by Stephen and Carol Grieve who saw the potential in a couple of near derelict buildings in Crail. Stephen also had the small matter of teaching himself to make pots and how to fire a kiln, while Carol worked in a local hotel to pay the bills, as they say the rest is history.

 Today Crail Pottery is run as a pottery co-operative with Stephen and Carol Grieve running Crail Pottery, their son Ben and his wife Jane running their own business Crail Ceramics and Crail Earthenware and daughter Sarah runs Crail Ceramics.

 Crail Ceramics and Crail Earthenware - Ben and Jane produce their own distinct range of earthenware and stoneware. Ben learnt his trade from his father as he grew up, today he throws the pots while Jane decorates using different techniques including spongeware, hand painting, stenciling and stoneware glaze dipping. Daughter Emily makes a range of jewellery and fridge magnets while son Timothy makes beautiful clay animals including highland cows, penguins and elephants.

 Crail Ceramics - Sarah started making pots on her father's knee when she was three years old, apart from a short spell in Australia working for Australian potter Ted Watson, Sarah has been at Crail all her live and loves it here, "her favourite place in the world". Sarah makes her own pots from start to finish, from the clay preparation, throwing, decorating, glazing to the firing of the kilns. Sarah specialises in hand painted earthenware and some gas fired stoneware.

 Crail Pottery produces pots that are "Hand made in Scotland" by the Grieve family, you can meet the family and chat as they work in the pottery, there is an excellent showroom all around the original quaint courtyard in the middle of Crail.